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Accelerate your business

Build applications faster and deliver immediate value to your customers through micro services

Service Management in a Hybrid and Multi-cloud World

Explore the benefits of managing services in a unified environment and how to get started with hybrid cloud management.

Serverless Platform

Create REST APIs using API Gateway for mobile, web applications and others

API Design

Run multiple versions of the same API simultaneously with API Gateway, allowing you to quickly iterate, test, and release new versions

Why PoCAT is the best Micro Service Platform

PoCAT is the most flexible and easy micro service platform. It is the best choice for building optimized services in a variety of industries.

Service Lifecycle Management

Manage multiple release stages and multiple versions.

Operation Monitoring

Provide visual mornitoring tool for services, apis, devices and so on.

Easy Creation and Deployment

Create and Deploy a custom micro service to your code and service


Protect your services with API keys for identification.

Support Hybrid Platform

Extend your service to any data center, any cloud platform.

High Performance

Built with the best architecture and practices

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